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Wax Melt Information

In order to get the very best from our wax melts, our recommendation would be to use a tealight burner as these give off a better scent throw. We do not recommend having your burner on for longer than 4 hours at a time, and therefore we recommend using one 2-4 hour tealight. Leaving your burner on for longer than 4 hours can result in it overheating.

Please note that we use Mica in our wax melts to create the shimmer as it is melting. Mica is heavier than wax and so will sink to the bottom once it has melted, this is completely normal and to be expected. In order to create the shimmer, you will need to stir the Mica back into the wax. We recommend using a wooden lolly stick for this.

We have found that the best way to remove wax from your burner is to light a tea light and allow your wax to fully melt. Once fully melted, place two cotton balls into the well of your burner to soak up the melted wax, and then wipe with a cotton pad. Your burner is now ready for your next wax melt. Never use anything sharp on your burner. This can create chips/cracks and create weak spots on your burner.

- Never leave a lit burner unattended

- Keep away from children and pets at all times

- Be careful to not overfill your burner

- Only use an unscented 2-4 hour tealight in your burner

- Never use more than one tealight in your burner at any given time

- All allergen advice is listed on the packaging of our products